benefits of children's cooking school

Since in recent years schools across the nation have suffered through budget cuts, classes  such as Home Economics once a staple, haven’t been available in many places. Several reports point to this being at least a partial cause of obesity problems in our children today. Dropping grades and other educational and behavioral problems have been linked to a lack of healthy eating choices. I am happy to know that I can be part of the solution, and am glad to see the movement to educate our children is growing.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a cooking class geared toward our youth is they actually learn HOW to cook. But on top of this they’ll learn so much more. Cooking with children involves all of the following skills, most of them beneficial to multiple aspects of their everyday lives.


• Nutrition and healthy eating choices.
• Increased creativity and imagination
• Strength and hand control development

• Culture, geography and world studies.



• Sense of service and family participation
• Planning and time management
• Willingness to try and enjoy new foods
• Reading and following instructions


 • Hygiene and cleanliness
 • Budgeting and ingredient shopping
 • Kitchen safety and general situational awareness
 • Increased knowledge of where their food originate


• Self-confidence and responsibility
• Kitchen food storage and care
• Use of weights and measurement

Plan 1

(CCI Network Membership and Curriculum)

Enjoy the benefits linking to our group and tapping into a larger than one small-kitchen business! Join our network for a minimum of 3 years to get the discounted curriculum rates, along with other benefits such as continued company support, updates to lesson guides, new recipes, teaching tips, games, creative business and advertising ideas, networking with other CCI kitchens and classes, access to birthday party and play group programs, etc.

CCI Membership


Basic Curriculum

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*Advanced Level Curriculum & Team Guide


*Traveling Cooking Classes


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Purchase additional curriculum within the first 3 months of purchasing the basic curriculum and receive a 50% discount.

CCI Network membership is free for the first three months. Experience all the benefits and enjoy the tips and support before you start paying. If you choose to not join the network after three months, the balance of the full price curriculum cost will be due.. addition

Plan 2

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If desired, you can choose to purchase the curriculum separately.  But this comes without the continued access to the CCI Network and benefits such as the use of our logo, website advertisement, social media promotion, and many others described in Plan 1.

Basic Curriculum


*Advanced Level Curriculum & Team Guide


*Traveling Cooking Classes


*Brilliant Bites Nutrition

*Sensory Playgroup



Only available after basic curriculum purchase

potential income

Keep in mind the following is just a sample to help you estimate your own income.  You decide the amount you wish to charge, and the number of classes you want to teach. Also, your materiel costs may vary slightly depending on where you live.

Let’s say you offer 2 (45 min) classes a day for 5 days a week        40 class/mo

Let’s say your classes have a capacity of 10 students                    100 students

Let’s say you charge $40 per student per month                               $40

(This does not include any profit made from starter kits, special activities, etc.)

Let’s say your monthly costs are similar to mine
(food, insurance, network membership, supplies)                                  -$200

Potential monthly income from teaching the basic curriculum             $3,800.00

Want more? There’s plenty more time in your week to add more classes! Teach our traveling program at daycares and churches. Instruct our nutrition program at schools and sports clubs. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, your classes will likely not be completely full your first few months as you build your program, and perhaps you won’t want to teach five days a week, but you still have the potential to earn a very decent salary. As your calendar evolves and your program expands you will begin to reach your individual goals. 
Now, once you have been doing this for a bit you will be ready to increase your income some by teaching at higher levels. These classes are typically easier to teach because the students become more independent cooks, and more proficient in the kitchen. And you can charge more for classes.
One of the great things about Children’s Culinary Institute is that you aren’t starting at the bottom. You aren’t having to figure this all out on your own! I’ve worked out the kinks and done the hard work for you. The training in how to be successful comes along with your membership to our network, at no additional charge! Enjoy the growth!